The little things changing my own life seem to posit vast changes for society at large, and I cannot help but think that all those people stricken by the ennui of modern life must not have opened their eyes or minds recently to the hopeful changes occurring privately in a world full of political sound and fury signifying nothing.

When I woke up this morning, I arose to a little sleek black box, blasting out of its petite speakers that old 80’s hit “Hip to be Square” which will forever be hitched in my mind to the predatory, materialist, bloody machismo of Christian Bale’s murderous character in American Psycho. 

With the swipe of my finger the music alarm stops, and with a few more swipes and taps on the touch screen of this little black box, I have pulled up a pee-wee screen telling me the day’s Bitcoin price in USD.

A few more swipes and the day’s news is at my fingertips; then the messages from my family, friends, and co-workers appear in the forms of SMS, email, and voice message. We are all integrated more than ever before because of this sleek little black box we still call a “phone.”

I cannot go long in the morning without a hefty caffeine boost, so I stroll into the living area of the house I am currently renting.

People are trying to sell their homes all around the neighborhood and the city, but many are happy to rent out their property to stay afloat.

After brewing a single cup of coffee with the brilliantly efficient Keurig machine, I stroll over into the living room and lounge on the couch, and I pull up my sleek little black box again. With a few more swipes and taps, I’m at the youtube app.

I pull up a speech by Jeffrey Tucker from July of 2013 in Canada, and with the push of the “cast” button in the top right corner of my little screen, the video of Tucker speaking appears on my 42 inch television in front of me. This is due to a little black box called the Google Chromecast.

As I watch Tucker give his optimistic and inspiring message of freedom through the integration of life in the digital, non-scarce world, I hear a consistent, muffled hum of two other machines behind me that appear to be two little black shoe boxes. They’re solving a math problem, or “hashing” out the exchanges of people from all over the globe, making sure when Susie sends a property title to Tommy that it is a safe and secure process for all the world to see.

We hear of government politicians talking about the need for transparency all the time (when they’re not in power of course,) and we have heard a few voices call for the auditing of the Federal Reserve, but the two little black boxes humming behind me aren’t talking; they’re actually going about building such transparency in a new monetary order.

With a few more swipes and taps on my sleek little black box, I check my BTC account and transfer a bit of property into Wal-Mart store credit through my eGifter app for the purchase of gas and groceries later in the day.

The world is changing in many ways due to these little black boxes, and I hope we take the time to appreciate how the integration of the little things in life are making our lives more efficient, prosperous, and peaceful: empowering us to make our lives and the lives of those we love happier.

What a wonderful world it is!