As so-called “dangerous faggots” (who are really just frivolous trolls) carry on their blather about Donald Trump being a champion for radical free speech and cultural libertarianism, Trump continues to threaten to make cuckolds of them all by plowing their beloved free speech radicalism right before their eyes.

Yes, Donald Trump is politically incorrect in the sense that he constantly upset leftist boobs’ taboos in hilarious fashion, but his crusade seems less an abolitionist mission against political power for the sake of free speech and more a long con to supplant leftist political correctness with a new form of PC that serves Trump’s lust to dominate the nation.

Trump may very well defeat the regressive left’s control of the language (good riddance as far as I’m concerned), but his own regime of political correctness may be more insidious—say what you wish, children, as long as it doesn’t make “daddy” upset.

As I have written before regarding Trump’s desire to “open up” libel laws against journalists (a horrid idea that any libertarian, cultural or otherwise, would see as just another government power grab):

Donald Trump’s direct threats to liberty are apparent. When asked point-blank by CBS reporter Major Garrett whether he sided with liberty or security, he answered security. Accordingly, Trump has called for a boycott of Apple until they break the iPhone’s encryption, has appealed to closing up parts of the internet, and in 2013 implied his desire to see the ‘traitor’ Edward Snowden executed. In particular, when Trump called for ‘closing that internet up in some ways,’ he anticipated the obvious criticism of his position, saying, ‘We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, “Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.” These are foolish people.’

And now, Donald Trump is threatening the freedom of speech once again, saying:

‘One of the things I’m going to do if I win, and I hope we do and we’re certainly leading. I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We’re going to open up those libel laws. So when The New York Times writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when The Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they’re totally protected.’

If this isn’t enough information to glean a clear threat from Trump to American liberty and particularly free speech—I mean, what could possibly go wrong giving the government more power to punish “lies” when it comes to political reporting?—Trump has given us more evidence of his authoritarian longings, threatening heavy taxation and anti-trust action against Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.

Why? Well, because Bezos has the temerity to use the freedom of the press to advance his interests.

As reported by Fox News:

‘Every hour we’re getting calls from reporters from The Washington Post asking ridiculous questions,’ Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. ‘And I will tell you, this is owned as a toy by Jeff Bezos … Amazon is getting away with murder, tax-wise. He’s using The Washington Post for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed.’

Trump was responding to Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward’s disclosure that the newspaper has assigned 20 reporters to investigate the real estate mogul’s life.

‘He thinks I’ll go after him for antitrust,’ Trump said Thursday. ‘Because he’s got a huge antitrust problem because he’s controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing.

‘He’s using The Washington Post, which is peanuts, he’s using that for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust.’

So, let me get this straight: Donald Trump wants to punish a successful capitalist who rightfully owns an arm of the “free” press for using his freedom of speech to advance his interests (Bezos, by the way, plans on going after Hillary in the same way.)

You see, while actual libertarian Republicans, such as Rand Paul, are trying to repeal harmful anti-trust laws and push back against federal taxation in certain parts of the country, Donald Trump loves these powerful federal devices and wants to use them to punish his political opponents like the sadist he is. As a dear friend and conservative talk radio host who is partial to Trump said to me about the Donald’s threats to Bezos, “He’s pulling an Obama.”

Hopefully, the Trump supporters will wake up and realize that their candidate often behaves like an enemy, not of friend to liberty, but maybe a love of liberty was never what attracted some of Trump’s houseboys to him in the first place.

Maybe, all along, their desire was to join the TRUMP frat only to be bent over, spanked firmly, and told to say “thank you sir, may I have another?”