“The long road has begun. We have found in these past days renewed goals for our life that will not be easy because they will never fully be completed. After all to search for nirvana here on earth is nothing more than a fool’s errand. Tell me, have you have never felt Promethean?  I surely have always endured the bird’s beak in my side; but unlike the immortal myth, we know our livers won’t grow back once a certain point in the pecking has come to pass, for our time grows wayward like a fleeting song on virgin ears with the undying pinnacle of meaning, hope, and understanding realized in the pregnant silence filling the moments before and after the final notes have subsided their vibration in space and time. Yet, it is in this silence, in the quiet stillness of our focus, when we will realize so much intricacy and subtlety in the world and finally come to say there never was nor can be nothingness—there is only the achievement or squandering of our potential to imprint the will of our minds through action onto the eternal world. This is not dreaming my friends. Do not let the skeptic pull you down with such nonsense. This truth of the world—that existence is eternal, real, and yours to know and grasp—is the crux of your life.  Life is not the pain or the absence thereof; it is not to fade into darkness like the hesitant whimper of a dying flame; it is not to sit and wish for the world to answer one’s hopes and desires. Life is to burn with vigor and passion, with independence, integrity, and pride as a witness to our achievements in the passing of time and the vivacious reality of this benevolent thing we call existence!”