Sitting upon a root
Eyes to the sky
Realizing my mind
And heart in
Harmony with
All that is was will be

The light moves upon the leaves
And a voice trembles a melody
Vibrating to plucked strings
As the sun finds a new frame
Moving amongst the trees
Projecting the shadow of
Curled, short hairs grown out of
Skin stretched upon my forearm,
Upon my body, captured by eyes
That belong to my mind’s restless union
With itself and the world

So much movement

It is impossible
Sit still

Existence flows and will continue
Even when you and I are gone
Yet reality will not move on

For reality
Is a dance of existence to the music of consciousness
A union that rises to fall
Witnessing the eternal
In passing snapshots until the jig is up

But do not confuse something with nothing

They do not share sides of the same coin

Nada is merely a fool’s fallback,
the dirty trick of
the fallible, fleeting mind fighting change
and trying to tell existence that it must be still.

But it is impossible to sit still
The only possibility is movement
And for you and I this means
We only choose how to move

Yet too many of us are trying to create the phenomenon of movement itself,
Trying to stop the heavens and the earth for the sake of certainty and security
Soothing the savage beast of our fallibility
Much like the peoples of old
By placing it in many sacred forms
Upon a hilltop mountain.

But I say come down from the mountain
Sit upon a root
And witness the eternal all around and within as your music plays