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by Joey Clark and J. S. Diedrich

When we are born, our minds are free. The concept of the state as a public service institution is not one with which we are familiar as children. We must be taught such ignorance.

Unfortunately, ignorance being much easier to disseminate than knowledge, most people are happy to share how little they know with you. They may even charge you for their efforts or, God forbid, levy a tax to teach it to you and your children.

Thus, over the course of our lives through various blind avenues of inculcation and passive resignation, the state slowly creeps further and further into our thoughts, eventually taking up parasitic residence. This burden of the state being fully borne, our creativity and imagination leach out through our ears.

Most of us live in unconscious ignorance to this fact. A few individuals, realizing the stifling nature of the state, rise to a point of conscious ignorance. Even fewer progress beyond that to intrapersonal “post-statism,” an attitude and awareness of a world without the state well worth the effort of getting there.

So, let us invite you on a journey and show you a joyous escape from your ignorant state: a refuge from that whirlwind of blather, bombast, and hot air produced daily by those oh-so-popular boys and girls who rule over us in the name of keeping things fair.

We speak of a safe haven in the cloud where each day a parade of information flows unhampered, as people seek to connect with one another in ways never before witnessed or barely even imagined.

Call it a digital oasis full of information waiting to be put to use, a garden festooned with forbidden fruits of knowledge longing to be plucked and polished off by you.

A port of safe harbor where the hopes of peaceful pirates are proclaimed aloud, “The jig is up for the powerful ones. Three cheers for their final demise! Raise your glass to no longer dancing their dance. We’ve found a new groove that gives liberty in our time a chance!”

How is this possible? Why such exuberant hope for a liberty-laced future?

Well, despite all their threats of violence, despite all their laws and guns, despite all their levers of power, the powerful can be easily undone.

Like pulling a string on a sweater, we can slowly undress their gaudy vestments through mockery, laughter, fellowship, and fun.

For the secret of their power does not rest in the gun.

It rests in you.

It rests the bosom of every man, woman, and child who looks at star-spangled glories and bows to the government’s teary-eyed wiles.

It rests in reverence for marble monuments fitting for a nation of “laws not men,” and in illustrious rotundas and lavish gala events.

It rests in the art of gilding the lily and in selling silver from the tongue.

It rests in overt spectacle and in co-opting the hopes of and for the young.

Despite all their guns and all theirs laws, the powerful’s power must still be potpourried with the false hopes and empty pageantry of forced community. They hope to fool you, to make you forget you are a free human being born of nature’s miraculous spontaneity and stamped with a latent love of liberty as natural as your fingertips and the very air you breathe.

Yet, you still may ask, what can even the most ardent liberty lover do caught up in such a vast sea of doublethink and state domination draped in red, white, and blue?

Live. Learn. Love. @, a nascent digital city, a taste of the future of geography.

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Here we celebrate the fruits the market provides through peaceful human spontaneity. Here we marvel at the rising digital world helping us create a new chosen community. Here we train our minds to an emerging culture based in a love of liberty, as we learn of political philosophy, economics, and the power of emancipatory technology.

Here we see the graphic artists with their pithy designs. Here we applaud the singer songwriters who turn their melodies into liberty loving rhymes. Here we commend the entrepreneurs who work themselves to the bone. Here we spotlight those compassionate souls who uplift and let those lost in the world know they are not alone. is a place for reflection, discourse, and collaboration. A place to commemorate ideas. A place that allows for spontaneous human creation no one can know with certainty in advance, reminding us that the most fulfilling things in life have deep roots unseen. The more profound our understanding of these unseen ideas, the more beautifully bumfuzzling the world and our community becomes.

For, a symphony may be beautiful to any layman in the crowd, but it is even more sublime to the composer who upon seeing his work performed can honestly claim he is proud. Or, consider the difference between love and lust, where the sex becomes even better once two lovers come to build a trust deeper than the skin until soon a longing love of spirit kicks in, and transforms lovers into friends into kin.

Such is this digital city. A chance to learn. A chance to build a new chosen community. A chance to compose an unseen symphony. A chance to find your life’s next love affair. is a space to free yourself from the chains of the world’s assumed and forced communities so that we may all progress beyond the bloody ignorance of the state.

It’s about being aware and intrepid, stepping into the unknown of one’s passions for something better than before, for is much more than just new fancy frills and a happy face; it is a place where we act upon the promise of our naturally latent love of liberty and fight to redeem the childlike imagination of the human race.