If men were angels,
I would second-guess no man.
I would respect every authority
Question no command.

If men were angels,
I’d give up my freedom to any ruler on high.
I’d fear no man’s rule over me,
For no ruler would ever lie.

If men were angels,
I’d get on my knees and pray.
I’d sing songs full of patriotic fervor
“All hail the divine U.S.A!”

If men were angels,
I imagine I’d have nothing to fear;
The NSA’s Panopticon would be heaven sent
And ever so sincere.

If men were angels,
I swear I’d pay the government tithe
Whatever the deemed just amount;
No matter how low or high.

If men were angels,
I’d praise the dear central sovereign above;
A government without force or fear
Where every diktat was love!

Because if men were angels,
There would be a grand central plan;
A politburo for every decision;
A bureaucrat designing every grain of sand.

But men are not angels;
No man, no woman, no child.
We are but a fallible few;
Swift to lust and easily beguiled

So strike the drums for freedom
And let’s end this masquerade
Let us bow to no man
And march in a joyous parade:

Now is the time for liberty!
Peace and prosperity comes from you!
Laissez faire, Laissez faire,
Laissez faire, morbleu!