Welcome aboard boys and girls and all those in between. What you’re reading now would be shunned, laughed at, and even maimed in polite society. Luckily we are here, and the polite people are preoccupied somewhere else with a stick up their ass.

I recall laughing my tush off many years ago over a silly little ditty by the those surreal boys of the Mighty Boosh:

 The absurdity of these jesters aside, I am ready to say the future sailors of tomorrow are here today. And the new high seas of  the digital space are ripe for the intrepid actions of those willing to step into the unknown for the sake of pursuing their passions. It is a place perfect for those shunned by “polite” puritan society, especially those among us who love liberty and wish to escape from the state.

Is it any wonder the web was pioneered by pornographers, gamblers, and other so called “ne’er-do-wells?”

What is most brilliant about this development is a type of digital geography that undermines the very notion of state power. The proliferation of the digital world attacks the very heart of what the state is, i.e. a monopoly of violence in a given geographic area. This virtual space offers sanctuary in the same manner as the new world and the vast oceans once offered safe haven in bygone eras.

It has been shown throughout history: once people are able to find a place free from the dictates of coercive power then the power of spontaneous human creation is sure to follow. It may at times be messy. It may not happen over-night. But we do find human beings are such an insatiable dirty bunch that we will not sit idly by as forbidden fruits beckon us to taste the promise of a greater human freedom.

So I say join the pirates on the digital high seas. Let’s break the blockades of the state. Let’s smuggle into the hearts and minds of the people a hope for a freer society. Let’s be like another favorite pop culture reference of mine, and blast that sexual, raw energy of  rock n’ roll into the backrooms of puritan society: